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papa toh houseful2
Mummy Papa
mom alert
Mummy Papa
maa mari maa
Mummy Papa
janam janam maa
Mummy Papa
i love you daddy
Mummy Papa
papa love you papa
Mummy Papa
papa love you
Mummy Papa
Mummy Papa
maa o meri maa
Mummy Papa
kgf maa theme
Mummy Papa
i love you mummy
Mummy Papa

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Contingent upon the model of cell phone can play, for example, songs or sounds are straightforward one-voice trills, polyphonic tunes, or any solid account as a record. There are three fundamental sorts of ringtones: Monophonic ringtones — the telephone plays an arrangement of notes, close to one note at any given moment. Polyphonic ringtones - the telephone plays a couple of notes in the meantime, one of the configurations of polyphonic ringtones - MIDI. Realtones - music recorded in an advanced document, for example, MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, and so forth.